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UPVC Roofing

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UPVC Multilayer Roofing Sheets is a modern rigid three layer Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (UPVC) roofing sheets. The advanced technology of manufacturing ensures superior quality and performance of the roofing product. This UPVC is the best replacement for conventional asbestos, metal G.I. As a safety concern for the roof, PVC is perfectly fine to walk on. The material should suffer no damage from a person walking across it, While PVC is strong enough to hold a person's weight, it isn't entirely safe for the person walking across it. PVC is a slick material, and this is worse when it gets cold or wet.

Thickness of the sheets : 2.5mm
Profile : Spanish
Colors Available : Red, Grey, Green

Price Range : Depends on the Height, Width and Specification the rates will change.