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Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing

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Solid sheets combine unbelievable strength, excellent clarity and designing flexibility along with other properties inherent to making it a favorite for numerous Glazing, Roofing and protection Applications over the past decade, PC Sheets offer an extremely high impact resistance (up to 250m times that of glass and 30 times that of acrylic) making it virtually unbreakable. These are rated at an impact energy of >200 Nm and qualify for the highest performance rating for security glazing as per various international standards. PC Sheets allow 40% - 90% (translucent or transparent) light transmission making it perfect for skylight / canopy applications. These sheets made from UV -stabilized resin ensures that the light transmission can be maintained over many years even under direct sunlight. PC Sheets can be installed with a curve under stress. The flexible sheets lend themselves to unique designing for various applications such as skylights, canopies, walkways etc.

Price Range : Depends on the Height, Width and Specification the rates will change.